How It Works

1. Create an Account

Sign up and create your Drive Match account. Link your credit card if you want to lease a car now.

2. Find Your Car

Search for your dream car and explore options.

3. Lease Now

Secure your vehicle instantly, skipping all of the tedious negotiations. All you pay us is the Drive Match fee.

4. Confirm and Drive

Finalize the deal with the dealership and if you can't pick it up, we'll help you get it shipped at a very competitive price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drive Match is an innovative online platform that allows car buyers a transparent and stress-free car buying experience. We work directly with dealerships and vendors to get you the best deals possible.

You have two options: You can either choose to "Lease Now" at the dealer's listed price, or you can message the vendor for more information. If you lease now, you pay the Drive Match fee and we'll connect you with the dealership that has your car.

The short answer is we got rid of it, it added a lot of confusion to our goal of having a hassle-free car buying experience.

Yes, we take your privacy seriously. Drive Match is designed to protect your personal information and maintain the anonymity of both buyers and dealerships until a bid is accepted. Your information is disclosed only when you buy a vehicle or message a vendor directly.

You can engage in further discussions with the dealership regarding terms, financing, and other details of the transaction. You may even qualify for extra rebates that can further lower your price. The price you agreed to is the guaranteed price for that vehicle, any changes in term length, mileage allowances, or otherwise may change the price.

The payment method on file is only used to collect our Drive Match fee. Drive Match does not handle vehicle payments directly. The dealership will provide you with payment options and instructions after you match.

Drive Match charges a fee only when a match is made, this varies by vehicle and may be as low as $0 for some cars.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact our customer support team here. We're here to help you throughout your car-buying journey and ensure you have a seamless experience.